Health Coverage Basics

Use these application quick tips when signing up for health insurance through Washington Healthplanfinder.

Forgot Username or Password

Do not create a new account. First try to retrieve your username or password.

Call our Customer Support Center if you still cannot log in.

Phone: 1-855-923-4633

TTY/TDD: 1-855-627-9604

Click here for up-to-date Customer Support Center hours.

Password Tips:

Your password should be 8 characters or more. It must include at least one special character, lower case letter, upper case letter and number.

Filling Out the Application

Your Official Name

Type your name as it appears on your identification card, including your middle initial. 

Tax Information

Married couples who intend to file taxes must claim “married filing jointly” or “married filing separately.” As a married couple, “single filing taxes” isn't a recognized tax filing status. If a member of the application is claiming “married filing jointly/separately” they must add their spouse to the application, even if their spouse isn't seeking coverage. 

If you're getting married or divorced, enter the tax filing status that occurred the previous year and then update your status when the marriage/divorce is final. 

Household Members

Add all household members, even if they don’t need coverage. Household members include everyone you claim on your taxes, even those who don't live with you and aren't seeking coverage. If a household member isn’t seeking coverage, select “No” on the question “Is this person applying for coverage or continuing existing coverage through Washington Healthplanfinder?” 

Read more about who you should include in your household.

Permanent Resident Information

If you have an alien registration number, it is located on the back of your U.S. permanent resident card (I-551) in the first line of characters. It has three alpha characters followed by ten numbers. For date of entry, use your “resident since” date on your green card.

Photo of examples of where an alien registration number may be located on a premanent resident card. Photo of an older resident alien card, and where the alien number and entry date is located on them.


Enter your gross monthly income. This is the income you get before taxes or other deductions, including garnishments, over-payments, or child support. 

Read more about what income to include on your application.

Employer Sponsored Insurance

If you or your family members are offered insurance through your employer, indicate this on your application so you get the correct eligibility status. 

Family Coverage Through Your Employer

If your insurance through work costs less than 9.5% of your household income to cover just you, then any coverage offered to your family by the employer is automatically considered affordable. This is true even if the price to cover your family costs more than 9.5% of your household income. 

In this case, your family will not get financial help through Washington Healthplanfinder, but can still enroll. If your employer doesn't offer family coverage, then they're still eligible for tax credits.

Your Eligibility

After you submit your application, you’ll find out if you qualify for a Qualified Health Plan, tax credits, or free coverage through Washington Apple Health. This is called your eligibility status. You can click on each household member’s name to see details about their eligibility status. 

If you are found conditionally eligible, this means we weren't able to verify some of the information you gave us. You'll need to submit additional documentation within 95 days to prove your information is correct. The quickest way to do this is to upload the document(s) to your Washington Healthplanfinder account (see how to do this below). 

During the 95-day period, you can still select a plan, pay your premium, and use your benefits. However, if you don't submit the document(s), you will be disenrolled from your plan. 

Uploading Documents

To upload documents to your Washington Healthplanfinder account:

  • Scan your documents to your computer
  • Save your documents as a GIF or PDF file
  • Click the "Action Tab" on your dashboard
  • Click “Upload Document"

Your Enrollment

Important information about your application and coverage will be sent to you by mail or email, depending on the notification type you selected on your application. 

Coverage Start Dates 

If you want your coverage to begin next month, you must enroll by the 15th of the month. If you enroll after that, your coverage won’t start until the following month. 

Example: Sally wants her coverage to begin Jan. 1, so she needs to enroll by Dec. 15. If Sally enrolls after Dec. 15, her coverage won’t start until Feb. 1. 

Canceling Coverage 

Clicking cancel at any point during the month will end your coverage at the end of that month. 

Example: Sally wants her coverage to end Oct. 31, so she can cancel Oct. 1 or by Oct. 31.