Committee Recruitment Process

Based on direction from SB 5445 passed during the 2011 legislative session, the Exchange Board may establish an advisory committee or technical advisory committee (TAC) to advise the Board Policy and/or Operations Committees on technical and/or policy issues.


Any person may nominate a qualified candidate for one or more of the Exchange committees. Self-nominations are also accepted. The Exchange seeks nominees from various stakeholder and tribal perspectives, including but not limited to, community service or advocacy organizations that assist consumers with health care; health insurance carriers; navigators; agents and brokers; health care providers; tribal entities; businesses; and other groups that represent health care or the health care industry.

Descriptions of Exchange committees and workgroups are available at

Nominee Qualifications

Nominees should have subject matter expertise in their field and must have experience and/or professional perspectives related to the specific topics assigned to the advisory committee or TAC for deliberation.

How to Apply

The Exchange will solicit nominations on an annual basis. To receive recruitment notifications, please sign-up for our email updates.
Nominations of qualified individuals must include:

  • Short biography
  • Short statement that addresseson how the nominee’s experience and/or professional perspective relates to the Exchange’s Mission, Equity Statement, and subject matter that is regularly considered by the committee for which the nominee is applying

Please send submissions to [email protected]. Submissions for terms starting July 1, 2024 are due by Friday, April 26th.

Exchange Nominating Committee

The Exchange Nominating Committee is a subcommitee of the board that is responsible for reviewing and selecting nominees for committee and TAC membership to be presented to the Exchange Board for final review and approval. The Nominating Committee will review nominations based on one or more of the following criteria to select suitable nominees for membership:

  1. Nature of the group/organization represented by the nominee
    • Consumers, health insurance carriers, insurance agents/brokers, navigators, small business, tribes, health care providers, relevant state agencies, and others in the health care industry
  2. Relevant experience and expertise in one or more of the following areas:
    • Knowledge and understanding of the health care industry, including the commercial insurance market, Medicaid, and other health care delivery systems
    • Thorough knowledge and understanding of the health insurance components in the Affordable Care Act (ACA), especially health insurance exchanges
    • Consumer perspectives and experiences with the Exchange
    • Health equity
    • Exchange outreach and education efforts
    • Utilizing agents and brokers in the Exchange
  3. Reason for interest in serving
  4. Geographical location
  5. Representation of the diversity of Washingtonians