Insurance Producers

The Washington Health Benefit Exchange has designed its state-based insurance marketplace to allow insurance producers to play a critical role in helping Washington residents access health plans offered through the site. Producers who are authorized to sell Washington Healthplanfinder products will be able to present Qualified health plans to individuals in Washington state.

Why You Should Get Involved

Washington Healthplanfinder provides producers access to a market of consumers who may be eligible for premium subsidies or tax credits to help pay for their insurance coverage. Producers may also be able to reduce costs for existing clients by enrolling them in health insurance through Washington HealthplanfinderWashington Healthplanfinder offers Producers:

  • A password-protected login and dashboard to track their client database, client contact information, and application status
  • A listing of each producer in the Washington Healthplanfinder system will allow consumers to easily locate them by name, zip code or agency (organization)
  • Customer service will be available to answer questions and provide support to producers as they work with clients
  • Dedicated support is available for producers regarding consumer and client issues through your producer support team at
  • Producer specific resources available with year round access to the Producer Support Network via the Learning Management System (LMS)

Training and Compensation

Producers must be appointed by respective health insurance carriers to sell specific plan products. Licensed producers can become authorized to sell health plans offered through Washington Healthplanfinder upon completing a training program in LMS, submitting a certification fee, and returning completed user access agreement forms.

Producers may receive compensation from their appointed carriers for sales of insurance plans offered on Washington Healthplanfinder. The Washington Health Benefit Exchange does not pay commissions. Commission inquiries should be directed to the carrier.

All producers (new and re-certifying) are required to complete a training program in LMS and submit a $50 certification fee to access Washington Healthplanfinder.

Submit payment here!

Re-certifying Producers

You will be notified via email when training courses have been loaded to your LMS dashboard for completion. Payment will be required before you are enrolled to ensure those who plan to re-certify for 2020 are prioritized. Producers will have until December 31, 2019 to complete the re-certification process.

New Producers (not currently certified with the Exchange)

New Producers will not be able to certify from November 1, 2019 – January 31, 2020. Certification will begin again on February 1, 2020.

Please fill out the form below to request an LMS account. Payment is required in order to have access to LMS and to be enrolled in certification.  You will be notified via email once your account has been created and when you have been enrolled in certification courses.

ONLY New Producers WITHOUT an active producer account on the Exchange, will need to fill out the request form below:

New Producer LMS Account Request

Please note:

  • Each individual producer must request an LMS account. Agency accounts are not available
  • Producers will receive an automatic email with log in credentials once the account has been created.