Our Mission and Equity Statement

Our Mission

The Washington Health Benefit Exchange seeks to redefine people’s experience with health care. Our mission is to radically improve how Washington residents secure health insurance through innovative and practical solutions, an easy-to-use customer experience, our values of integrity, respect, equity and transparency, and by providing undeniable value to the health care community.

Our Objectives:

  • Increase access to affordable health plans
  • Organize a transparent and accountable insurance market to facilitate consumer choice
  • Provide an efficient, accurate, and customer-friendly eligibility determination process
  • Enhance health plan competition on value: price, access, quality, service and innovation

Our Equity Statement

Equity is fundamental to the mission of the Washington Health Benefit Exchange. The process of advancing toward equity and becoming anti-racist is disruptive and demands vigilance to dismantle deeply entrenched systems of privilege and oppression. While systemic racism is a root cause of many societal inequities, we must also use an intersectional approach to address all forms of bias and oppression, which interact with and often exacerbate racial inequities.

To be successful, we must recognize the socioeconomic drivers of health and focus on people and places where needs are greatest. As we listen to community, we must hold ourselves accountable to responding to recommendations to remedy inequitable policies, systems, or practices within the Exchange’s area of influence.

Our goal is that all Washingtonians have full and equal access to opportunities, power and resources to achieve their full potential.