Past Webinars

October 2018 | Topics: Tribal Assister Enrollment Process, LMS Access for 365, OE, 2019 Plans | Presentation | Audio

September 2018 | Topics: History of Tribal Assisters, Tricare/HPF Notification |Presentation | Audio

August 2018 | Topics: LMS Dashboard Updates, Sponsorship Policy | Presentation

June 2018 | Topics: Tribal Assister Enrollment, Exempt Income, Plan Filings, Medicare Aging Out | Presentation | Audio

May 2018 | Topics: Tribal Data, Tribal Assister Survey | Presentation | Audio

April 2018 | Topics: Tax Filing, Partnering, System Downtime, LMS Dashboard | Presentation | Audio

March 2018  | Topics: Sponsorship Process, Tribal Support Overview | Presentation | Audio

February 2018 | Topics: Conditional Eligibility, Enrollment Knowledge Transfers, Tobacco Use Premium Rates| Presentations | Audio

January 2018 | Topics: CHIP Update, Conditional Eligibility, Individual Mandate | Presentations | Audio

December 2017 | Topics:  Tribal Webpage Update, OE Update, CHIP | Presentation | Audio

November 2017| Topics: Smartplanfinder, Sponsorship, Consumer Plan Rate Increases, 2018 Plan Certification | Presentation | Audio

October 2017 | Topics: Medicare Eligibility | Presentation

September 2017| Topics: Medicare Eligibility | Presentation | Audio

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American Indian/Alaska Native Provisions in the ACA (rev. Nov. 2016)

The federal government has a “Trust Responsibility” for providing health care to

AI/ANs; this is acknowledged by the unique AI/AN provisions in the ACA.

  • Tribal Premium Sponsorship
  • Tribal Assister Training & Certification
  • No open enrollment periods. Can enroll up to once a month.
  • No co-pays, deductibles, or co-insurance if under 300% of the FPL.
  • No copays, deductibles or co-insurance if over 300% of the FPL and use a tribal/IHS facility or are referred out by a Contract Health Service program to another provider.
  • Choice of Bronze plan with cost-sharing.
  • AI/ANs eligible for IHS services are eligible to show IHS eligibility and a waiver from the requirement for individuals to have health insurance.

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