Posted on: February 6, 2019

Veronica’s Story


Seattle, WA

Imagine needing surgery, but not being able to get it because your insurance company wouldn’t cover it, and the out-of-pocket cost was more than you could afford. That’s what happened to Veronica Vaduva.

Veronica had health insurance, but her copays and premiums were more than she could afford. Since she couldn’t afford one more massive bill, she went without the surgery she needed for several years.

Her high copay and premium payments cut into her budget for food and gas money. She said she had to cut down on everything, just to afford health care. At one point she just thought to go without insurance because it was so expensive.

Then, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) allowed Washington to expand Medicaid to include single adults. Veronica applied and qualified for free health care coverage through Washington Healthplanfinder and is now enrolled in Washington Apple Health (Medicaid).

Apple Health covers all of her copays so Veronica doesn’t have to wait until she’s really sick to go to the doctor. She was able to get the surgery she needed, and all the preventative health services she couldn’t afford before.