Posted on: August 20, 2015

Veronica’s Story


Sales and Marketing Coordinator – Seattle, WA

When Veronica was 9, she was diagnosed with lymphoma, a cancer that attacks white blood cells. Though she eventually became cancer-free, Veronica went without health coverage for two years during college because until 2013, having a pre-existing condition (like cancer) meant she was unable to find an affordable plan due to her medical history.

After Veronica graduated, she knew she needed health coverage so she could get checkups and make sure the cancer wasn’t coming back. She heard about Washington Healthplanfinder and visited the website to check out the new options. Now that no one can be denied health insurance for having a pre-existing condition, Veronica was able to find a health plan. And—like 85% of people who got a plan on Washington Healthplanfinder—she got financial help to pay for her health plan. Her health insurance premiums are only $50 a month. Veronica is happy to have an affordable health plan, and she’s already used it to get a checkup.