health coverage


Tiffany’s Story

Tiffany Owner of Adrift Hotel – Long Beach, WA Tiffany and her husband Brady live in Long Beach, Washington. Sweethearts since the 6th grade, it was their dream to open a hotel on the ocean. On their 10th wedding anniversary, they sat down and wrote the business plan for the hotel…

Laura’s Story

Laura Auto Repair Shop Owner – Renton, WA After a decade without health coverage, Laura and her husband Jay had built up their auto-repair business to the point where they were ready to shop for health insurance. But because of a pre-existing condition (psoriasis, a genetic autoimmune disease), Laura received rejection…

Kevin’s Story

Kevin Baker – Seattle, WA Last fall, Kevin lost his health insurance when he lost his job. As a Type 1 diabetic, he needs insulin shots every day to live. He looked up how much insulin would cost without health insurance, and found out it would be $600/month – something he…