Premium Sponsorship Program FAQs

What is the Premium Sponsorship Program?
The Premium Sponsorship Program is for Tribal/Community organizations that want to pay for Qualified Health Plan (QHP) premiums and cost-sharing on behalf of their community/tribal members.

Am I required to pay the premium and cost-sharing for any plan that an enrollee chooses?
Sponsors develop requirements for their individual programs, including eligibility requirements, plan selection requirements, and what, if any, cost-sharing they will be covering. Sponsors are not required to pay premiums for Qualified Dental Plans.

How can a Tribal/Community organization participate in the Premium Sponsorship Program?
Request a sign-up packet;

  • For tribal organizations:
  • For non-tribal organizations: Contact Paul Tucker to arrange for required training. Once you complete the required training, submit a list of staff who need to be trained as navigator/assisters and have at least one staff member be certified and able to access Washington Healthplanfinder. Then, submit a signed 2019 Sponsor Participation Agreement.

After I become a Sponsor, how do I add or remove Sponsorship for a Tribal/Community member?
Enroll the Tribal/Community member in a plan. Then, email a request as a Secure email to Paul Tucker to add Sponsorship for the Tribal/Community. Include the member Name, DOB and Application ID#.

How long does it take for member Sponsorship Status to show in the carrier system?
Allow 3-5 business days for this information to show in the Carrier/Insurer system. To verify current Enrollment Coverage, Invoicing and Billing status, make direct contact with the Carrier/Insurer.

Who do I contact at the Exchange if I have any questions?