Posted on: December 20, 2017

Next Steps after Plan Selection

After you have confirmed your health plan selection on, you’ll see a screen that lists your Confirmation Number. You can use this number to communicate with your insurance company about your premium payments or other follow up questions related to the plan you selected through Washington Healthplanfinder. If you didn’t print that screen, you can also find your Confirmation Number on the “Payments” tab of your account dashboard.

Your insurance company will then send you a bill and your health coverage will be active once your first premium payment is processed.

*Please note that insurance companies handle payments differently and process times may vary. Follow the instructions from your insurance company on how and when to make your payments. A complete list of payment options offered by insurance companies is available at

Some insurance companies offer online accounts with payment options and access to printable membership cards. Check if this is a service offered by your insurance company. Additional information about accessing insurance cards, as well as other services associated with coverage, can be found at

If you’ve received confirmation from Washington Healthplanfinder that you are enrolled in a Qualified Health Plan, but still haven’t received a bill or your insurance cards, call your insurance company. They can confirm whether you’re enrolled and if you’ve paid your first month’s premium.