Recent System Updates

April 21, 2018

  • Streamlined income and deduction input for new and renewing customers. Income and deduction questions have been separated by type and category in the application making input more user-friendly.  In line help such as calculators and messaging provide additional guidance to consumers.
  • Mobile-friendly application, change reporting and renewal. With close to 50 percent of customers visiting on a mobile device or tablet, application screens have been redesigned for a best-fit experience. Customers can apply, report a change and renew easily when using a mobile device.
  • Refined special enrollment eligibility process. Customers reporting a change through Washington Healthplanfinder will be guided through a custom shopping experience depending on their qualifying life event. Health plan confirmation screens and correspondence have also been improved and simplified.
  • Refined conditional eligibility process. Improved notices and alerts for documentation requirements and upcoming deadlines for conditionally eligible customers.
  • WAPlanfinder mobile app update. After downloading this new version (v.2.1), users who are up for renewal are provided a direct link to renew their coverage. More information and links to download the app available at

Sept. 25, 2017

  • A new look! A fresh, redesigned homepage makes it easier for customers to get started by quickly signing in to their account, shopping or applying for coverage. A FAQ search bar also provides easy access to online help tools to get and stay covered.
  • Smart Planfinder. Smart Planfinder provides personalized “smart choice” plans that best fit a customer’s needs. Customers can use Smart Planfinder when shopping plans by providing information about their household’s expected health care use and up to 5 doctors/facilities and 5 prescriptions for coverage. Additionally, information within the provider and facility search has been updated and will be regularly verified through outreach to providers and facilities in Washington state. Starting Nov. 1, 2017, customers will be able to use this new tool when shopping 2018 Qualified Health Plans.
  • Mobile-friendly shopping. With over 30 percent of customers visiting on a mobile device or tablet, shopping web screens have been redesigned for a best-fit experience when visited on a small screen.
  • Streamlined renewal. Customer support assisters providing help to Washington Apple Health and Qualified Health Plan/Qualified Dental Plan customers are provided an expedited review of renewal applications. Customers up for renewal who sign in to their account will notice more clear information listing their pre-selected plan for the upcoming year and an option to shop to check out other options.
  • Correspondence improvements. Content in renewal letters has been edited to be more customer-friendly, headlining key actions.

July 7, 2017

  • Washington Healthplanfinder Business account management. Beginning in 2018, small business health coverage will no longer be available through Washington Healthplanfinder. While no future small business plans are being offered, existing Washington Healthplanfinder Business coverage can still be accessed and updated. Currently covered employers and employees can manage their coverage by signing in to their account. More information available at
  • WAPlanfinder mobile app update. After downloading this new version (v.1.1), users will be able to easily submit multiple page documents. In this version, a session activity bug was also fixed. More information and links to download the app available at

April 17, 2017

  • New Enrollment Deadline. Changed the plan selection deadline to the 15th of the month for Qualified Health or Dental coverage that starts the 1st of the next month. This rule does not apply to canceling coverage.

  • WAPlanfinder mobile app. Released to the Apple and Google Play stores, the new WAPlanfinder app is the easiest way to view your health and dental coverage from a mobile device. This app is exclusively forWashington Healthplanfinder  More information and links to download are available at
  • Go Digital. For new and existing customers, we’ve made it easier to opt in to receive electronic notifications from Washington Healthplanfinder. Existing customers will find a new tab in their Washington Healthplanfinder account dashboard called, “My Profile,” providing easier access to change notification preference to electronic.
  • Document Center. Enhanced the “Document Center” of customers’ Washington Healthplanfinder account dashboard. Customers with conditional eligibility status will find clear directions and options for uploading any documents necessary to verify eligibility for coverage.
  • Enhanced mailing address collection. Directions have been added for customers who submit an out-of-state mailing address when applying for free and low cost coverage in Washington State. Addresses are also verified for accuracy.
  • Improved customers’ partnership with Navigators and Brokers. Expanded customers’ capability to also partner with a Navigator when already partnered with a Broker or vice versa.
  • Help features more accessible. Question mark icons that provide definitions and details during the application and shopping experience are now available when a user hovers over the icons.

October 6, 2016

  • Account management self-service. Improved messaging and functionality to help customers create an account using important criteria for a secure password. Also improved flow for customers who lock their account after three incorrect sign in attempts as well as support for customers who forget their password and/or username.
  • New application look & feel. To match the redesigned Washington Healthplanfinder homepage, a blue background, updated typeface and bigger buttons are available throughout the Washington Healthplanfinder application.
  • Pay Now. Available only during Open Enrollment for the first effectuating payment, QHP and QDP customers will have a link to participating health and dental insurance company payment portals to make their premium payment for their first month of coverage (January or February or March).
  • Lead Generation. Participating health insurance companies have partnered with Washington Healthplanfinder to refer customers from their website to Washington Healthplanfinder in order to shop their health plans with any eligibility for financial help. Washington Healthplanfinder shopping experience is customized for these customers.
  • Self-service cancel plan selection and enrollment. Improved messaging and functionality available for customers who wish to cancel their QHP or QDP. Customers must cancel by the 23rd of the current month to end coverage for the upcoming month.
  • Failure to reconcile taxes special enrollment event. Customers who were previously denied tax credits for not reconciling previous years’ taxes and have completed their tax filing have the option to select this as an event on the Special Enrollment Questionnaire.
  • Extend deadline to provide documents for conditional eligibility verification. Deadline is extended from 90 to 95 days.
  • Lawful presence information. Customers responding in the Washington Healthplanfinder application to be lawfully present will be asked to also provide document type and information about that document.
  • Correspondence improvements. Content in renewal letters, specifically EE-0017, has been edited to be more customer-friendly, headlining key actions.

July 18, 2016

  • A new look! A fresh, redesigned homepage makes it easier for customers to find the latest and most relevant information as well as online help tools to get and stay covered. Learn more at our news & announcements.
  • Added a shopping cart feature. With the expected addition of family dental plans for the 2017 coverage year starting Nov. 1, 2016, a shopping cart feature has been added to help customers save plan selections and move between health and dental plan shopping. Learn more about dental plans coming soon at our news & announcements.
  • Added quality rating information for health plans. Starting Nov. 1, 2016, customers shopping health plans for the 2017 coverage year will have information about their quality. Presented as 1 star (lowest rated) to 5 stars (highest rated), customers will be able to compare plans based on federal standards for quality.
  • Added a new tax filing status. Married individuals with the qualifying tax status of “dependent of someone not on the application” (DSO) can now select that option in the Washington Healthplanfinder application.
  • Added additional income fields on the Income Questionnaire screen. Washington Healthplanfinder collects income for all household members listed in the application.
  • Converted Washington Healthplanfinder Business to check-only payments. The interface with Key Bank has been removed so employers will pay premiums for Washington Healthplanfinder Business by check.
  • Additional enhancements to customer support staff accounts, including Navigators, to provide more efficient and secure customer support processes.

Feb. 15, 2016

  • Refined messaging on the Special Enrollment Questionnaire to provide customers more information about qualifying life events and rules for coverage start dates. Customers will need to select a qualifying life event and, if applicable, provide the corresponding date for the event. Supporting messaging on screen links customers to for additional information.
  • Enhanced password reset and user name creation process. When setting up an account, customers receive validations on-screen to help them include all criteria for a secure user name and password.
  • Provided a streamlined path for customers to switch between the applications for free and low-cost health insurance to/from the application for a Qualified Health Plan.
  • Improved messaging in customers’ Action Center about documents being reviewed. Customers can view the status of documents they have uploaded or need to upload for proof that helps to verify eligibility.
  • Expanded health care provider, clinic and hospital search radius to 50-100 miles. Additionally, search results for Qualified Health Plans display specific to those networks.
  • Improved account configuration for Navigators and Brokers to include a lead organization or agency. This new configuration allows assisters to refer customers to other assisters within their lead organization or agency.
  • Improved Washington Healthplanfinder Business renewal process. Renewal for Washington Healthplanfinder Business is no longer dependent on current coverage invoice status.
  • Enhanced the Washington Healthplanfinder Business application to track COBRA coverage for employers’ employees and dependents.

Sept. 23, 2015

  • Transferred billing and premium payment process to health and dental insurance companies for individual and family coverage. Redesigned the “finalize” steps in the Washington Healthplanfinder application to show confirmation of health and dental plan selection. New and renewing customers will see next steps listed on screen as 1.) wait to receive your bill, 2.) pay your insurance company, and 3.) have insurance.

Next Steps

Existing customers’ payment history and past bills have been archived through Sept. 23 in their Washington Healthplanfinder account. No payment history or bills after Sept. 23 will display in the “Payments” section of customers’ Washington Healthplanfinder account. More information about this premium payment process change is available at

  • Added a notice to the Special Conditions Questionnaire about documentation requirements for Special Enrollment. For qualifying life events that automatically open a Special Enrollment Period when reported through Washington Healthplanfinder, the customer’s self-attestation will be valid proof of the qualifying life event. For qualifying life events that a customer cannot report through Washington Healthplanfinder, documentation of the qualifying life event will be required before the customer can enroll in a Qualified Health or Dental Plan. Customers are alerted that their health or dental insurance company may also request proof of a qualifying life event and to have documentation available.
  • Added messaging to distinguish Washington Apple Health plan selection from Qualified Health and Dental Plan shopping screens. New messaging clarifies which type of coverage is being selected. Additionally, messaging on the Washington Apple Health plan selection screen tells consumers that there are no copays or deductibles with any Washington Apple Health coverage and that all Washington Apple Health managed care plans must cover the same standard benefits.
  • Added a link to shop for Washington Healthplanfinder Business plans. Employers can click “Browse Plans” from the Washington Healthplanfinder Business section of to navigate to an external partner website to shop. Employers should return to to apply and enroll in coverage.
  • Streamlined Washington Healthplanfinder Business invoices. Washington Healthplanfinder Business customers will see improvements in the display of information on invoices for premiums to be paid on behalf of their employees.

July 30, 2015

  • Updated the Washington Healthplanfinder homepage. Featuring “Real People, Real Stories,” the homepage calls out to key customer segments (individuals and families, Washington Apple Health, and Washington Healthplanfinder Business) with photos of customers and their testimonials. Three new customer testimonials are now featured.
  • Correspondence streamlined. Additional information has been added to Washington Apple Health customer correspondences including contact information for the Health Care Authority for help renewing coverage.

May 11, 2015

  • Washington Apple Health Managed Care Plan Selection. New and renewing Washington Apple Health customers can now review managed care plan choices available in their area, examine information about the past performance of those plans, and locate providers, hospitals, or clinics available in each plan in order to choose a plan that will best meet their needs. These functions are all available on the new Washington Apple Health plan selection screens after eligibility has been determined. More information is available on the Health Care Authority’s website.
  • Updated the upcoming Qualified Health Plan open enrollment dates. The Washington Healthplanfinder homepage and other screens list the next open enrollment period as Nov. 1, 2015, to Jan. 31, 2016.
  • Added clinic search for Qualified Health Plan shopping. Individuals and families as well as employers and employees shopping for Qualified Health Plan coverage can click “Add” under “Health Care Provider” on the left side bar of the Washington Healthplanfinder shopping screens to search for a clinic by typing in the clinic name in the Hospital search field.
  • Added a notice about the upcoming payment and billing change for Qualified Health Plan and Qualified Dental Plan customers to pay premiums directly to their health and dental insurance company. This notice will display on the Washington Healthplanfinder account home screens of Qualified Health Plan and Qualified Dental Plan customers until Sept. 23. More information is available at

March 13, 2015

  • Corrected an issue where some customers’ “Make a Payment” button was missing. Impacted customers will be contacted by Washington Healthplanfinder to let them know that their “Make a Payment” button is now available on the “Payments and Billing” tab of their Washington Healthplanfinder account.
  • Corrected an issue where some customers could not select a plan after a special enrollment period was opened by Washington Healthplanfinder. Impacted customers will be contacted by Washington Healthplanfinder to let them know that the issue has been resolved and that they can sign in to their account to select a plan.

 Jan. 19, 2015

  • Added two new selections for tax filing status on an application. New tax filing statuses available include “Qualifying Widower” and “Head of Household.”
  • Added ability to edit information for removed members on an application. Users are able to remove and undo a removal of a household member on an application. Users are also able to edit removed household members’ information through the “Add Household Member” screen.
  • New Washington Apple Health eligibility – Health Care Extension Program. Washington Apple Health customers who report a change in income that impacts their eligibility may now be granted an extension of their Washington Apple Health coverage under certain circumstances.  The extension provides a one-year continuation of Washington Apple Health coverage for families who (1) report an increase in income; (2) have dependent children under 18 years old; and (3) have been enrolled for at least three of the past six monthsEligibility for this program will be listed on the eligibility status screen as “WAH – Health Care Extension Program.”  
  • New 1095A Statement. Washington Healthplanfinder will generate 1095-A statements for customers who were enrolled in a Qualified Health Plan during 2014. The statement will be mailed to customers and posted to their online account in late January.
  • Send one letter to a customer when multiple changes are reported. Washington Healthplanfinder will send one letter describing the latest update to the application or account. Other changes will be posted to the customer’s online account.
  • New letter notifying customers of navigator or broker termination. A letter will be sent to a customer if their partnership with a navigator or broker is terminated.
  • New application data validation. Application data is checked for any contradictions, and on-screen messages provide directions for the user to self-correct.
  • Added ability for navigator lead organizations to terminate many navigator-customer partnerships. New feature for lead organizations to select certain accounts or all accounts when terminating customer partnerships for a navigator.
  • Added ability to edit initial enrollment period coverage effective date for new employer groups. Provides the employer an option to provide early coverage to employees.
  • Added ability for customers to make a payment when their account has no outstanding balance. Allows customers to make payments on any balance for any amount.
  • Streamlined payment process for sponsors. Allows sponsors to make one payment on the behalf of many customers through a third-party payer.