Posted on: April 3, 2018

Lisa’s Story


Seattle, WA

Sitting in her dorm room at the University of Washington, Lisa Nguyen coughed too hard. She felt sharp, shooting pains in the left side of her chest and had difficulty breathing. She had punctured her lung, which then collapsed. A couple months later, it happened again. This time Lisa required surgery, including an eight-day stay at the hospital, medications and many follow up appointments. Five months before her surgery, Lisa had applied for Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) when she transitioned off her mother’s health insurance at the age of 19. Without Apple Health, Lisa may have had to pay upward of $20,000 for her surgery and ongoing recovery. Lisa came to UW through a NASA engineering scholarship. She’s studying medical anthropology and global health, similar to public health, with a focus on designing health care delivery systems in low resource settings in different countries all around the world. Because of Apple Health, Lisa can go on to do great things in the world: getting health care to those who need it most.