Posted on: February 6, 2019

Kayla’s Story


Lacey, WA

Kayla Wahl and her husband had their first child in September 2017. Being able to afford health insurance after the birth of their newborn was a huge concern. Though they both had employer-provided health insurance, adding their daughter would cost an extra $200 per month, a significant expense on their limited income.

Kayla’s mother heard about Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) and encouraged Kayla to apply. Their family qualified for free health care coverage for their daughter.

Now, all her daughter’s doctor visits are fully covered, as were the hospital bills from her delivery. Apple Health allows clients to apply for retroactive health coverage, where past bills for covered medical services within a certain time may qualify for reimbursement. Families must remain income eligible for coverage.

Kayla hasn’t had to worry about her daughter’s insurance ever since.

Apple Health provides health care coverage for more than 850,000 children in Washington State.