Posted on: April 3, 2018

Jazmin’s Story



As soon as she was born, Kyra Williams was enrolled in Washington Apple Health for Kids with premiums funded through the federal Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Born with blood incompatibility jaundice, Kyra would need testing, treatment and equipment to thrive. Her mom, Jazmin Williams, had insurance at that time that would pay for initial testing, but nothing else. A social worker at the hospital worked with Jazmin to sign Kyra up for Apple Health for Kids. Kyra was able to come home with the medical equipment she needed to live through the first week of her life. Though her health continues to improve, Kyra, who is eight now, still has seizures several times a month, resulting in multiple emergency room visits. An MRI scan is required nearly every visit to make sure there is no internal brain bleeding or ruptures. She takes seizure medication twice a day to prevent prolonged episodes. Without CHIP, Kyra’s neurosurgery would have cost more than $150,000. Her emergency room visits and MRIs could also easily cost thousands per month. Thanks to CHIP, Jazmin only has to pay $20 a month for her daughter’s medical premium.