Open Enrollment Renewal Letter

Your Open Enrollment Renewal Letter (EE-017)Time to Renew coverage letter

This letter lets you know that your coverage will be automatically renewed for next year. If your plan is no longer available, you’ll be renewed in to a similar plan. For some, a similar plan with their current insurance company is no longer available, so they’ll be enrolled with a different insurance company.

When you get your letter, you should:

  • Check your household information
  • Check your health plan information (this will let you know if your plan is still available next year)
  • Check your tax credit amount, if you had any (tax credit amounts may change each year)

If you’re happy with the information in your letter, your plan will be renewed and no further action is needed from you. Continue making your monthly premium payments and your coverage will start Jan. 1.

If you need to make changes, or you want to shop for a new health plan or add new dental coverage:

  • Sign in to your account
  • Under “Upcoming Year,” click “Shop Plans”

Remember! If you make any changes to your household, you may qualify for a special enrollment period. This may change your current coverage, not just your coverage for the next year.