Posted on: October 27, 2017

Ashleigh’s Story


Olympia, WA

Ashleigh and her partner moved to Olympia for a fresh start. It was a chance to find better jobs, be closer to family, and move away from the small town she grew up in. Ashleigh managed to get part time jobs working for multiple retailers, but all at minimum wage, with no health care benefits offered.  She and her partner were in no financial position to have children, and the possibility of getting pregnant worried Ashleigh. She wanted to switch to an implant birth control so she wouldn’t have to worry about missing a pill, but found the cost to be unaffordable. She heard of the Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) program from a family member of her partner, and decided to apply online to see if she was income eligible. Having Apple Health brought stability and peace of mind to their lives. Her birth control implant cost was fully covered. She no longer had to be stressed about accidentally missing a pill, or having to race to the pharmacy before she ran out of her prescription.