Archive: 2020


Kayleigh’s Story

Kayleigh- Olympia In 2014, Kayleigh and a friend had just finished summiting a mountain when they could see a thunderstorm rapidly rolling in. She and her friend scrambled down the mountain to get out of the storm and came across a ledge of loose shale. While navigating down, the rock…

Ashley’s Story

Ashley- Kelso When Ashley learned she was pregnant with her second child, she was excited but also worried. Though she had insurance, it covered the bare minimum. She worried about the costly copays for her prenatal care as her pregnancy was considered high-risk. Ashley went to the local hospital in…

Jamie’s Story

Jamie- Everett When Jamie was 24, she found out she was diabetic. The news sent her into a panic. Jamie knew she couldn’t afford the out-of-pocket costs for insulin. She also suffered from other ailments related to diabetes, like high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The medications she would need…