Ad Campaign (Feb-March)

Our second advertising wave highlights the personal stories of residents who have enrolled in a new health plan through Washington Healthplanfinder.

The ads complement new outreach efforts at concerts and sporting events like ice hockey and roller derby bouts that are aimed at encouraging young adults, especially the so-called “Young Invincibles” between the ages of 18 to 34, to check out the new health plans and financial help available.

To create an attention-grabbing message, the masters of ceremonies in the new campaign are literally M.C.s: a fictitious health care rap duo. The pair conducts interviews with real Washington residents who signed up for health coverage through Washington Healthplanfinder and can speak about their personal experiences:

The first TV ad highlights Rian, whose 26th birthday meant she could no longer stay on her parents’ health plan. The memory of her appendectomy only a year earlier was the incentive she needed to find coverage through

Patricia and Jon, paid more than $200,000 in out-of-pocket health care expenses after they were repeatedly turned down by insurers due to preexisting conditions. Through, the couple was finally able to get covered and even qualified for financial help.



In addition to the television ads and radio ads, the advertising campaign will share these and other enrollment stories through online, print, radio and social media – coming soon.