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Shopping for Health Coverage: Privacy Tips

At Washington Healthplanfinder, safeguarding the information of our customers is a top priority. With open enrollment begin Nov. 15, 2014, we may see incidences of consumer fraud in which individuals posing as certified members of our network attempt to steal personal information and take advantage of those who wish to enroll in health coverage. This may also include fraudulent websites posing as the official state Exchange that is located at

To help protect yourself and your personal information, follow these important tips:

  1. Don't Share Your Private Information: Under no circumstances will Washington Healthplanfinder or Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) ask for your personal information, such as your social security number or banking information, via an unsolicited call or email. Never share this information with someone you don't know, and always ask for proof of identity.
  2. Free Help is Available through Trained Individuals: Only individuals who are certified by Washington Healthplanfinder or Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) to assist you with the enrollment process should request personal information to complete your application during a scheduled visit. This help is always free. If you don't know whether someone is certified to assist you, call the Washington Healthplanfinder Customer Support Center at 1-855-WAFINDER. Community volunteers trained by Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) can be verified by calling 1-800-562-3022 or emailing
  3. Verify the Web Address of the Exchange: The only official web address for the Exchange is Any other site with a variation on the name or with an address that ends in .net or .com is not the state's official marketplace. If you're unsure of a website, call Washington Healthplanfinder toll-free at 1-855-WAFINDER. If you suspect a site is fraudulent, contact the Insurance Commissioner's office at 1-800-562-6900.
  4. Don't be Fooled by Imitations: is the official health insurance marketplace for Washington State and the only place where you can receive tax credits, subsidies or access to free coverage through Washington Apple Health (Medicaid). Do not be fooled by imitations. There is never any cost in signing up for free or low-cost health coverage.
  5. The Exchange Does Not Cover Medicare: Washington Healthplanfinder does not offer supplemental coverage to Medicare beneficiaries. Do not be fooled by individuals telling you they can enroll you in new Medicare coverage under the Affordable Care Act or through the Exchange. If you suspect someone of Medicare fraud, call the Insurance Commissioner at 1-800-562-6900.
  6. Report Scams: If you receive an unsolicited request for your personal information to enroll in health care coverage under the Affordable Care Act, ask for the individual's name, associated organization and phone number to verify the information, or do not respond.

Important Contacts

  • If you feel you have been a victim of identity theft or an attempted scam, report it immediately to the local authorities.
  • You may report attempted fraud to the Washington Healthplanfinder Customer Support Center at 1-855-WAFINDER.
  • If you suspect Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) fraud, contact the Health Care Authority at 1-800-562-6906 or
  • To report a fraudulent website, please contact the Office of the Insurance Commissioner at 1-800-562-6900 or