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Small Businesses


Small business owners know the value of health insurance, and good benefits can help recruit and retain employees. But finding affordable coverage can be tough. That’s why Washington Healthplanfinder Business, which is available in Clark and Cowlitz counties, offers small businesses quality health plans for employees, added convenience and cost savings.

Washington Healthplanfinder can help your small business by:

  • Simplifying choices: Washington Healthplanfinder provides side-by-side comparisons of state-certified health plans, including their benefits, premiums, and quality. All plans will cover essential health benefits like visits to the doctor and emergency room, prescriptions, and preventative care.  In addition, plans will be offered in four “tiers” based on the costs covered. 
  • Expanding employee options: You can offer employees a variety of health plans, and your employees can choose the plan that fit their needs and their budget.
  • Preserving employer control: Washington Healthplanfinder gives you the freedom to determine your own level of contribution toward your employees’ coverage, and make a single monthly payment rather than payments to multiple plans. Consolidated billing will also be available so you can provide workers a choice without the hassle of contracting with multiple insurers.
  • Lowering your costs: You can save your business money by spreading insurers’ administrative costs across more employers. In addition, Washington Healthplanfinder provides exclusive access to a 35% tax credit for health premiums – a benefit that increases to 50% in 2014.
  • Providing personal support: Washington Healthplanfinder provides personalized support to answer your questions and help you choose the best coverage for you and your employees. You can also still work with your agent or broker to find plans and enroll through the website.

Small Business Support

Washington Healthplanfinder Business Support: 1-855-256-9598

option# 1 for Account Lockouts

option# 2 for Broker and Small Business Support

Calls will be answered Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm


Please include business name, business owner first and last name, application ID#, and brief synopsis of assistance needed.

Broker/SHOP Representatives:

Scott Hacker- South Center (Tukwila) north to the Canadian border

Michael Jackling- South Center (Tukwila) south to Oregon border

Brandon Larson and Kris Lattimore- Eastern Washington and


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